Green Oil Clean Chain degreaser 100ml

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Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly
Revolutionary On Chain Degreasing Gel!

- Made in Britain
- Unique gel formula- easy to apply
- Can be diluted to make 1 litre of Green Clean bike cleaner

Clean Chain degreaser was developed due to two frustrations with other degreasers.
1- They are runny
2- They are often petrochemical based, damaging your skin, garden and environment

Clean Chain is a degreasing jelly, so it sticks to the chain for effective degreasing.
Clean Chain degreaser is 100% biodegradable, utilizing naturally derived ingredients.

Why clean your chain?
Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty.
A clean chain with oil on can be over 99% efficient.

How to use Clean Chain Degreasing Jelly

1. Apply liberally to the chain whilst spinning the cranks.

Clean Chain degreaser being applied

2. Ride the bike for a minute to work Clean Chain degreaser in, shifting through the gears.

3. Next, wipe the chain hard with a dry rag.

4. Next, wipe or scrub the chain again with a wet rag or Green Oil Bicycle Brush.
(It helps to do this on the top part of the chain, keeping the chain tight by holding the cranks in place)

5. Rinse thoroughly by pouring water on from a jug or watering can whilst turning the cranks backwards.

6. Leave to dry, or dry with an old towel.

Can you use Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly in a Chain Bath of mechanical chain cleaner? You can also use 30ml Clean Chain and 60ml water mixed together in a chain bath. This is where you take the chain off the bike, and leave it in a small but of this solution for 2-4 hours. Then wipe clean.

The same mix can be used in a chain cleaning devise, up to 1 part Clean Chain to 3 parts water.

Clean Chain can also be mixed with 900ml water to make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner!

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